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DJ GALAXY is the “Lead Mixologist” with the B-104 Party Patrol. He’s trained to be a master party planner and creates a strategic musical plan to complement every moment – from introductions and specialty dances to cake cutting and high energy dancing. Whether your favorite songs are Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Hip-Hop or a combination of many genres, DJGALAXY can mix the right tunes from each style to create music that turns passive listeners into active party participants. He truly understands the “Art Of The Party” and knows that the flow and when you play a certain song is as important as what song is chosen to create the moment. From dipping on the dance floor and dancing in the aisles to romantic interludes, your guests will connect with songs you’ve planned and tunes DJGALAXY instinctively chooses.

DJ Galaxy has 20 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, including:

  • Michael Jordan’s Birthday Party
  • Donald Driver Events
  • Walter Payton’s Clubs
  • Villa Oliva Country Club annual New Year’s Eve Party
  • Exclusive DJ for Fox Chicago News
  • Proms, school and college dances
  • DJ on 96.1 “The Lake” in Lake Geneva, WI
  • DJ on B104.7 Oshkosh, WI
  • First place champion in the 1996 World DJ Competitions/2nd Place ’97
  • Moderator for WeDJ.COM
  • Member of the World Famous Bum Squad DJ’Z